5 Smart Ways For Using Video To Sell Products

Video content is everywhere. It’s on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, and so on. Some videos make us laugh (yes, those cute cats and babies), while some make businesses prosperous. If you have a product to sell, videos can help you reach your goal. Here are 5 smart ways for using video to sell your product.

1. Talk about yourself

Your customers could either be random people that spend money on purchasing your products from time to time or passionate followers that push you to become better each and every day. The difference between the two can be created by building a relationship with your customers. The first rule of relationships is getting to know each other. Therefore, a video that talks about your company, your logo, your employees or your production processes can set the mood for the start of a good relationship.

Oh Charlie!

Oh Charlie!

2. Show how your product works

This may sound like simple advice, but it is vital. Most product videos just feature shiny shoots of the product from different angles. Although it is necessary from the branding point of view, what your customers actually need is something different. Simple videos that explain how your products work in real life scenarios will demonstrate the value of your products and boost your sales.

3. Highlight the unique features of your product

There are certain sets of steps that you follow while talking about a product. However, some products need a few extra words. A product with a unique feature that creates a difference deserves a mention in a separate video. If you are selling a Bugatti Veyron, “top speed” is something that you must mention in a particular way, as it is something that makes a Bugatti Veyron unique. Therefore, it is better if you talk about and highlight it.

4. Get rid of excess narration

Your message in a video should be simple. This will make it easier to keep your audience’s attention. To obtain simplicity, get rid of bulky introductions, unnecessary appearance of people and puffy animations. Most of the time, your product with some simple narration is enough to deliver the message. You may add some text or a voiceover if necessary, but you should avoid long videos with lots of exaggerated narration.

5. Choose the right spot for your content

You may be a consumer brand that appears in every house of the country. If so you should choose a place to distribute your content that is available to everyone. YouTube is the first place that comes to mind. However, if you have a product that targets only some portion of the population (e.g. millionaires), it may be better to choose somewhere else. Your customers may not want to see weight-loss pills ads while watching a video about an exclusive product. In that case it may be better if you build an exclusive video portal for your product videos.