Explainer Videos 101

We all know that: a good product always needs to have a strong digital marketing plan armed with a rich content that differentiates itself from traditional mainstream marketing methods.

In fact, explainer videos have been quite useful in making content-rich websites that put emphasis on educating customers about a product or service in a way that they build up the online personality of your organization. That is, explainer videos are a great way to both entertain and inform buyers by real-time outreach, helping your ideas spread faster as well as rank higher on the search engines. To get an insight into how Google made a great use of explainer video, check this out:

Making better use of it.

Now that your explainer video is ready to be effectively run on social media or a website, it is your choice where to use it.

If you prefer broadcasting it on social media, it works out well for keeping your loyal customers up-to-date about your products and promotions. Alternatively, when applied on a website, it is more useful for establishing trust with your potential buyers. That can only be done by creating an entertaining content that humanizes your relationship with the buyer.

In short, your explainer video needs stand out by informing customers and solving their problems, rather than just promoting your product.

What makes your explainer video a straight shooter?

First, What people do care about are ways to solve their problems; they also like to be entertained and share something valuable. To have people talk about your brand, your explainer video should deliver an interesting content that will go viral online. This way, potential buyers will want to learn more and buy what you offer.
Second, different from product-centric advertising, explainer videos deliver your potential buyers something worth sharing with others online. That is why, you need to make your video content freely sharable on social media.
Third, if you really want your brand name to spread and potentially go viral online, you should be very active on social media, especially on blogs, and create some triggering ideas that encourage people to spread your ideas.

Go viral!

Free content always sells! A great product and a great brand name is not enough – you need people to know about it. It is very important to make your content available for free online. And most importantly your explainer video has to have an individual story to tell your buyers!

Spend some time working on how to draw people into your content, and use it to both your and their advantage forming a relationship with them, rather than forcing them to buy your product!
When the buyer ends up somewhere full of specific information, they are far more inclined to make a buying decision in just a few minutes.

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