Video Marketing, Live & Learn!

Lumiere Brothers

When Bentego was born as a video marketing company in 2012, we worked extremely hard like all other baby start-ups in the universe. Long office hours, fatty foods, and heartless friends calling us up and offering to go out for coffee. (Like daylong office coffee rituals aren’t enough!)

We had a dream and a vision, but we first had to make every single video of ours perfect. We were 100% sure that if we did this flawlessly, everything would follow. We were lucky though, as we had people believing and investing in us, and we also had groundbreaking technologies brands would love.

Remember the last time you captured a video with your phone? Ok, so you uploaded it to your channel on YouTube… how many views? 300! Very nice! Wait a minute. Have you ever edited it? Or tried animating it? Ok, try producing some other relevant content other than this for a big brand. But you’ll have to do it in one week, because the general manager will be out of the country for the next month. Now you will understand us.

Well, video marketing is a big thing. It takes time! Whether produced or animated, it doesn’t matter. Making videos takes time. Period.

Producing: The lights, camera and action. If it’s an outside production, you pray to God that no earthquake happens at the same time your crew tries to catch those 5 seconds of a kitten playing for your next video for your lovely customer. Sounds cool, right? J

Animations: We love 2D animations, and we adore making them. But did you know that it takes 1 month for a very cool animation to be created? And we know that a cool animation is not a unicorn…

Personalized Videos: We all love personalized gifts, such as cups, pictures, and of course videos! Behind the scenes, there’s a technology office working long hours, customizing your personalized video experience.

We, as Bentego, learn from our experiences and gain a wider perspective on video marketing day by day. And we know that having some ground rules makes it easier.

RULE #1: We know we can’t control the environment, but we can act fast. Bentego is fast! #actfast

RULE #2: We know that YouTube can be banned in our country, but hey! We can have our corporate hosting system customized in a short amount of time. And in the end, we have one more product of ours that we are very proud of. Bentego is courageous and full of action! #bebold

And so the story goes.

A brand – Bentego – evolves.

And everything follows.

Our brands loved us, and we loved them. We made 500+ videos in 3 years, all with love.

Now Bentego is a family of 22 people, and some of them are trying hard to lose the weight they gained back in 2012, in those long nights spent working. =)

We are very happy to share our ongoing journey with you!

Next week, we are going to talk about the things we are crazy for: Explainer Videos.

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Bonus video for all baby start-ups! Once upon a time, Lumiere Brothers were start-ups too ; )