What can video marketing do for your business?

Cisco forecasts there will be nearly two billion online video users worldwide by 2017, up from around one billion in 2012.*

We are certain that Video is gaining more popularity! Because of this, investing in video marketing sounds wise. But before investing, don’t you want to know what video marketing can specifically do for your business?
What are the use-cases? Let’s have a look at it.

Communicating with your customer base via videos can work wonders for your content marketing strategy. Also, acquiring new customers or subscribers can be possible with only a single video, if it motivates the customer well enough. (Yes, with that perfect Call-to-Action at the end!)

Whether you are in banking and finance, telecom, or the health industry, appropriate placement of videos and useful content will be your best ally!

Let’s think of different scenarios which would be your possible best practices!

1-    Just think of a world where your new customer or subscriber, let’s say Adam, gets a Welcome Video with his name on it. Or, think of a health situation where your patient feels special by the lab reports shown to him/her with a specialized greeting. In both cases, different situations turn into real opportunities for your brand to authentically connect with your customers. This can be accomplished through a personalized video.

Also, are you thinking of celebrating your customers’ birthdays in a distinctively original way? Personalized video will be helpful there too.


Your new best ally: Video Marketing!

2-     Your latest product is on the market. You want your customers to get to know it! Why not talk about how to use it and where it’s found in an animated explainer video?Animated explainer videos have perfect combination of information and entertainment that will do half of the work for you.

3-     Think of a different world where your bank’s new customers see their very first cut-off date of their new credit cards on videos. Or your telecom company’s new subscribers are sent welcome videos with their own names on it. They hear their phone numbers; they don’t read them from tiny cards. It would be a whole new buzz in the market!

4-     Think of the common problems your customers have. Wouldn’t it be nice if answers are sent in videos to them? With instant served videos, comes the great customer satisfaction!

Video is essential. With video marketing, your brand would reach brand new heights. Give video marketing a try! You can read our “Why every business needs videos”  blog post from here.

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* The Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast (2012-2017)