What is a personalized video and how does it work?

As we mentioned in one of the earlier blog posts a one-minute video is equal to 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Now assume those words are intended only for one person (for example one of your customers). That’s how powerful personalized videos are. But what is a personalized video and how does it work?

With personalized videos, we create unique videos for desired occasions. They are created in real-time as your audience contacts you, and are generated with the help of individual information that makes each one unique. Let’s have a look at the life cycle of a personalized video.


It’s a Personalized World!

How will it help your business?

It is certain that personalized videos  will serve your business goals. That’s why we need to know your business needs at the beginning, so that we can address them with personalized video solutions. Who are we targeting with personalized videos? What message do you wish to deliver? Where will personalized videos be distributed? Those are some basic questions that we must consider during the planning stage.

Creating the templates and artwork

After planning carefully, the video template creation stage starts. In this stage we create video templates for different user scenarios. Those templates work like master videos that will transform into millions of personal videos once combined with customer data. Different user scenarios are generated from different video templates. Branding and video artwork is also decided at this stage.

Integration with customer data

Templates serve as a base for personal videos. They need customer data to be able to produce personal experiences. This can be managed by integrating our personal video templates with your company’s CRM data. Frequently asked questions on call centers, monthly bills, special promotions are all CRM inputs that enable us to create unique video experiences.

Real-time content creation

Once we are all set, the moment comes  when your customer connects with you either via email, social networks, product site etc. Personal videos are generated at this moment where the customer actually interacts with you. It is personal and it is created on-demand. This increases the efficiency of your communication with your customer since he/she feels special and is communicated to upon request.


We keep track of the performance metrics of personalized videos that are published. How many personal videos are created, what percentage of videos are watched to the end, and how effectively did we distribute the videos? Those are all can be monitored thanks to our advanced video platform.

With a unique customer experience and strong analytics support, personal videos are one of the key communications tools that can lead you to success. Bentego proudly provides it.

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