Why should you choose professional video hosting?

YouTube is a free video hosting solution that many people and organizations make use of, and in most cases it is a powerful tool. There are several other free video hosting services that offer similar products. However, in certain situations you need a professional video solution.

Let us point out cases where you definitely need a professional video hosting solution.

Your Company's videos, in your hands!

Your videos’ destiny, in your hands!

Available support the moment you need it

Free services generally don’t have customer support or they are not available the moment you need it. Imagine that you had a problem with your video service right before the launch of an important product. It would be painful to seek support, deal with online support tickets and wait for an answer in an indefinite period of time. Instead, you could call your professional video hosting company and ask them to solve your problem within an hour or so depending on your service level agreement – it’s much easier.

Deeper and customized analytics

Most video services provide analytics data with some degree of detail. For example, you can see how many people have seen your videos or which video is watched the most. If you need more information that is important for your marketing strategy, such as who actually watched your videos or at which point they tend to close the window, you need a professional solution crafted upon your needs.


If you want to create an internet meme then YouTube is the right place. But if you have sensitive information that is exclusive for your audience, you need a professional solution. Those solutions can provide Digital Rights Management (DRM) products or different authentication tools that enable you to reach the intended audience. For example, you could distribute your content and make it visible only to users living in a specific geographic location.

White label player of your own

Most companies have their own visual communication elements like colors, logos, fonts or icons. Having a free video service player on your website could harm that language. Free video services don’t allow you to customize players or remove their logos. However, with a professional video service, you can customize the feel and look of your player as you wish and easily place your own logo on a white label player.

Focus on your message

Free video services encourage users to watch a video and jump into other videos so that they can show as many ads as possible. That could cause your message to be diluted or forgotten. With a professional video service, you can control the whole process and place an effective call to action message at the end of the video. This is much better for your business.


Free video services are often restricted on corporate networks in order to control the time spent on, let’s say, watching music videos at work. This could badly affect your marketing performance even if you do everything else perfectly.

To sum up, if you don’t pay for a service, it means you are the one that is being monetized. If you want to showcase something of quality or sell your goods, make sure you control the whole cycle. That is available with professional video hosting services.